We have an exceptional team of highly qualified Tool and Die makers and CNC operators responsible for manufacturing your transfer and progressive dies. The facility is equipped with high capacity cranes, large bed CNC equipment and presses to handle almost any size die. Our production experience provides an excellent foundation for new tool builds – resulting in tools that are robust, precisely manufactured and production ready.


With a history extending back to 1989, FA/SMS has been perfecting tool making for over 30 years. With extensive experience using both cast and tooling plate constructions, FA/SMS’s two shift toolmaking operation will supply your die ontime, fully documented and in spec. Tool buy-offs are performed on production equipment at rate.


FA/SMS can apply its die making expertise to address the smallest modification to a complete reprocess.  Our team of experts will manage design, die build and qualification.  No change is too small or too large as our full array of in house equipment is adaptable for almost any situation.

Using a state of the art 3D scanner, FA/SMS is able to animate dies and tooling components on site with a metrology-grade accuracy of up to 0.03 milimetres. FA/SMS is able to repair any die by overlaying accurately scanned parts with CAD models in order to evaluate differences for reverse-engineering and redesign. From the smallest of cutting edges to the largest of dies, nothing is too small or large to be repaired.


Most of FA/SMS’s current customers use tools from global sources which has given us the extensive experience repairing a diverse array of dies. Whether it is a breakdown situation or to solve part quality or die maintenance issues, FA/SMS is an excellent choice for your die repair requirements.

Since we operate with toolmakers on two shifts, repairs can be performed quickly; providing advantage in breakdown situations.


Our expert toolmakers can productionize your tools from alternate sources. As launch approaches our pressroom can cost effectively produce any volume requirements. Since we are ISO/TS certified with a fully staffed quality department, we are able to PPAP the parts here and support production requirements until the customer is able to land the dies. With a 1000 ton hydraulic spot press dedicated to die-trialing, FA/SMS is able to vigorously test new dies. From upper and lower die surface contact, to press parameters and the smallest of part quality issues, FA/SMS strives to optimize the production of your die by critiquing every aspect of its operation.