FA/SMS’s production operation is housed in a modern facility strategically located in Bursa, Turkey. We are a manufacturer of complex stampings and welded assemblies; primarily for Tier I automotive.  FA/SMS is at the top of its class in quality, delivery and cost effectivity. Ongoing investment in people, equipment and technology is used to support FA/SMS’s continuous improvement culture and maintain its leading edge position. For many of Turkey’s Tier I Automotive, FA/SMS is a supplier of choice–and we intend to remain that way!


FA/SMS has production presses ranging from 400T to 1200T in capacity. Whether it is a long term production run for the life of the vehicle or a short term emergency run–we deliver.


Our in house team designs and manufactures robust weldment fixtures which focus on simplicity and repeatability.  Poka yoks are built into the design to ensure consistent quality and implementation in manufacturing is proven alongside our customer with our production part approval process.


FA/SMS has been fully ISO/TS certified since 2006 and prior to that was QS certified from 2015.
The company has a fulltime Quality Manager and quality technician on scene. FA/SMS operates with quality inspectors on all shifts performing quality checks on a regular basis. At the beginning, middle and end of each stamping job, parts are placed on custom fixtures to test form tolerance to ensure constant part quality throughout the job cycle.


FA/SMS provide service between you and your customer in Turkey. Project management from concept to dies delivering. Casting models, draw physical model. Workshop planning and control.

FA/SMS includes the project management during die-making and dies try-out.

FA/SMS provide to:
- coordinate between Customers and Suppliers
- supply engineering activities
- search suppliers with the best cost / quality ratio
- plan time & cost
- deliver tools and follow up the try-out