Design & Engineering

FA/SMS has a highly skilled team of designers and engineers who have the capability and experience to design tooling for the most complex stamped parts in the industry. In the design phase, the team fully validates processes with forming simulation software.  A fully detailed 3D design is created and reviewed with the customer prior to manufacturing.  During development the design team uses laser scanners and reverse engineering software to optimize part quality. ”Lessons learned” from our own production environment are used to produce a robust, maintainable die that runs at rate and within spec. On an ongoing basis, FA/SMS will introduce new processes, commercial components, tool steels and coatings in its own production environment first.  Providing these successes to our customers in all new die designs.


All tools are designed entirely in 3D CAD. CNC and EDM paths are created within the same CAD environment allowing an efficient and accurate transition to manufacturing.  FA/SMS is equiped with an FTP site and the necessary translation software to accept data in all standard formats.

Most of our die designers have a Tool & Die Maker background at FA/SMS and all of our designers have many years experience with complex transfer and progressive tooling.  Designs are reviewed extensively internally as a group and we always welcome customer participation in the design reviews.


Simulation software is used to validate forming processes before the design is started.  Process risks can be recognized and mitigated before the die design begins.  Product change requests can be made while there is still time to influence the part.  Often a more manufacturable part results which is a benefit to the customer for the life of the program.

It also provides a fast and accurate method for optimizing blank shapes.  Using these unfolded shapes, nesting opportunities can be established and yields maximized.


FA/SMS offers a completely portable measurement solution with our 3D Scanner. Reverse engineering, part analysis and emergency tool repair is completed accurately with time sensitivity in mind. Complexity and size of scans further compliment the versatility of this technology which presents a live simple STL mesh file for objective analysis.